Missing Him

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He is on a business trip.

Today while I was in class my breasts started aching significantly enough that it was hard to not rub them. I think this is a good thing. They were letting me know they need to be pumped. I think I am actually starting to fill up some in between nursing/pumping sessions. I have really high hopes that if I keep up my routine I will be able to get my milk going.

I have been good about taking my Fenugreek and pumping each breast three times a day for 5-10 minutes, but I am still sore. Pumping just isn’t the same as having him suckle. I have found that if I pump while in the shower the relief is much greater than if I just pump regularly. I think the warmth helps to loosen everything up. Plus my breasts don’t get cold! 😉

Last night I found a new website devoted to ANR. I registered and was very excited to find many people who share my interests. Some of the people were a little forward and kind of creepy, but you have that on every website. If you are looking for a nursing partner I really suggest trying out this site.

ABF Singles

I hope all is well with you!

Yours truly,

Busty Lady


Skipped Session = Sore Breasts

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My breasts are sore!

He wasn’t able to nurse last night, because he had to drive someplace for work early this morning. I was really disappointed and he seemed to be as well. He texted me several times last night telling me he wanted to nurse and to play. It made me ache for him.

When I woke up this morning I wasn’t quite as sore as I am now, but then he texted me to tell me good morning and that he couldn’t wait until he got to nurse tonight. Reading his text only made the ache more intense. We have been texting all day. Every time my phone beeps, to tell me I have a text message, my breasts ache. By the time tonight rolls around he is going to have to be pretty gentle while nursing because I am going to be very sensitive.

My breasts are starting to get pretty sensitive even between sessions. I am going to take this as a good sign and that my milk is starting to come in. I have noticed that after he nurses my breasts feel much softer. I am not sure what this means…?

I have been really good about taking my Fenugreek today. Unfortunately, every time I take a dose of it my breasts start aching more than they already were. I’m a mess.

Yours truly,

Busty Lady

Our First Night Together

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I spent the night with him last night. It was wonderful, but he needs to get a bigger bed.

I went over right after I got off work. He nursed as soon as I got there. I think he has got the correct nursing style down. Not too hard and more focused on the “milking motion” than sucking on the nipple.

After he nursed we fooled around a little. He worked me up until I had my sweet release. I was mean though, I did not let him play.

Before we went to bed he nursed again. It felt so good. It was complete.

When I woke up this morning my breasts were tight. I had to wake him up to suckle them. As soon as he latched on, I felt myself release/let down. If I had milk he would have gotten some for sure. I hope someday he will be able to nurse me dry.

Once we had both completely woken up we fooled around a little more. I got him nice and riled up and then made him ask permission to play. I was very tempted to deny him release, but he was a good boy and deserved a treat. I am glad I let him play, because he was very, very enthusiastic about pleasuring me during his play time.

I can hardly wait until tonight when he nurses again. My breasts are aching just thinking about it.

I forgot to take my Fenugreek today. :-/ Not good. I will have to do better!

Yours truly,

Busty Lady

A Good Ache

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This morning when I woke up, my breasts ached. I wanted noting more than to reach over and pull him to me and let him nurse, but alas he was at his house and I was at mine. I have thought about nursing him all day. I can’t wait until tonight when he will finally nurse. Sweet relief.

I picked up some Fenugreek and Mother’s Milk Tea while I was at the grocery store. Both as supposed to increase lactation. I hope they work!

Today while I was pumping I decided to look at his picture. As soon as I saw his face, I felt my breasts release. I can only imagine this was the “let down” feeling women talk about.

I almost had to get on to him today. He played in the shower. Luckily for him he didn’t finish, because otherwise I would have had to punish him. I told him that next time I would not be so forgiving. He likes my rules. He likes it when “she” comes out.

I say “she” because she is another side of me. She can be cold and DOM, which is something I cannot do.

I think we are going to get him a lock soon…

Yours truly,

Busty Lady

First Nursing Session

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He nursed for the first time today. It felt wonderful to have him at my breast. Even as I sit here remembering my breasts ache for him. I really hope that things work out and that we can get my milk flowing. I want to share that with him so badly.

I really think he and I could work as a couple. He is just the right level of kink. He has talked about locking himself up and giving me the key. I find this incredibly HOT. The thought of having complete control over him is so tempting. He could not even touch himself without my permission. The thought of having that much power is intoxicating.

I have to admit that if he gave me control over him I would be almost cruel. I would tease him without mercy. He would have to ask permission to play with himself. ~Evil Grin~ I would let him out only to forbid him from touching himself. He would love and hate me.

I would let him free to shower and shave, but I would have to supervise him to make sure he didn’t play without permission. I think he would like that. I think he craves that. He seems to want to be dominated. I can do that.

I think as my ultimate tease I would wear the key around my neck when he nurses. He would always be reminded of who holds the power. It would drive him insane.

Of course when I did let him out to play he would be DOM and I would be sub. I would love for him to dominate me; put me back in my place. He would have to punish me for teasing him so much. Pay back would be lovely. Oh I really hope I get to try this with him!

Today while he nursed he got hard. It was very much a compliment. He loved my breasts. I think we need to work on how he latches on though…his suckling techniques wasn’t quite right. Hopefully we will have plenty of time to practice.

Yours truly,

Busty Lady


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I have just entered into an adult nursing relationship (ANR). I have a feeling this is going to be a very interesting journey and I wanted to share it with you.

Yours truly,

Busty Lady